ASTM certification for Concretum’s rapid-hardening cement

Concretum’s cement Q-FLASH cem 100 (P), which is the leader among rapid-hardening cements, is the first of its kind which has been certified according to the ASTM standard C1157 for building materials.

Rapid-hardening cements are being used increasingly to maintain airport runways and concrete pavements in order to minimize how long the infrastructure has to be out of action. These innovative cements are particularly popular in the maintenance of airfield pavements during short night-time maintenance routines.

CONCRETUM is presenting its rapid-hardening cement as the perfect solution for such demanding challenges. It can be used to maintain large airport circulation areas during short night-time breaks in air traffic, so that the areas can continue to be used as usual during the day. Each night, up to 1,000 square meters of concrete can be renewed using ordinary slipform pavers.

CONCRETUM rapid-hardening concrete can be produced, transported, and processed in the same way as ordinary concrete but then hardens within one hour into a fully load-bearing surface. Normal concrete requires approximately two days to achieve the same result. This innovative rapid-hardening technology developed by CONCRETUM is unique in the world and has been successfully used internationally in airports and on motorways since 2004.

The cement used to make the rapid-hardening concrete, Concretum® Q-FLASH® cem 100 (P), is the first rapid-hardening cement of its kind to be certified in accordance with the ASTM specification ‘C1157— Standard Performance Specification for Hydraulic Cement’. The tests carried out by an accredited third-party laboratory show that the cement Concretum® Q-FLASH® cem 100 (P) fulfills all of ASTM C-1157-17’s requirements for a cement of the HE(R) type (high early strength and low reactivity with alkali-silica-reactive aggregates). This demonstrates the high performance specifications of the cement and ensures that the cement, in accordance with the corresponding FAA Advisory Circular, may be used to mix rapid-hardening concrete for all construction at US American airports.


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