Concretum touches down in Asia

Well established in Europe and Africa for over a decade, Concretum enters the fast growing Asian infrastructure market

Each night over the next half year, Concretum’s rapid concrete will be used to renew the runway of one of the world’s fastest growing airports. The incredible rise of Istanbul’s Sabiha Gökçen International Airport has taken its toll: large parts of the runway now need to be replaced. It was first thought the construction of a second runway would then have allowed the renovation of their only track, however, it is already running at full capacity. Thanks to Concretum® Q-FLASH 2/20, they are now rebuilding under full operation. This will enable the customer to use both runways in as short a time as possible and best serve the exponential growth of passengers. Stages with a total of up to 100 m2 per night at the heart of the single runway are currently reconstructed in as little as 5-hour night shifts. By the time the next stage begins, the Concretum slabs of the previous night have already become indistinguishable under the wheel marks of hundreds of airplanes. Never before has there been such a large scale application of rapid-hardening concrete for runway renewal. The Turkish contractor YBT ( is the first to apply such large quantities of rapid-hardening concrete on a runway repair during extremely short night shifts.