Solar farm, Ait Baha, Morocco

Initial situation

Standard solar power plants employ structures made of steel, reflectors made of glass and usually use oil as a heat carrier. These materials create safety hazards for both people and the environment. The inventor Andrea Pedretti has ended this: He creates solar collectors out of concrete and plastic film which use air as a heat carrier. As a result, he produces clean, safe and cheap – and he has built his first power station in Morocco.

Solution and assessment

By using Concretum® Q-FLASH 2/20 the construction process was optimised and the high-precision components were created in the shortest possible time. The rapid hardening of the concrete allowed a high production capacity with few moulds, as it can be demoulded after just a few hours. The complicated special moulds can therefore be used economically.




  • Product

  • Country


  • Construction Period


  • Client

    Ciments du Maroc

  • Construction Company

    Airlight Energy Manufacturing SA

  • Concrete Producer

    Airlight Energy Manufacturing SA

  • Field of application

    Rapid hardening concrete

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